Dream comes true: She became pregnant with a fertility preserving novel technique of laparoscopic borderline ovarian tumor removal! Our medical team faced a very interesting and very rare medical event with a happy ending!

Fertility preservation techniques are a growing area of research as more women in the reproductive age group develop gynaecologic cancers. We announced a novel technique of fertility preservation used in the treatment of a patient with borderline ovarian tumour.

A 33 year-old woman was referred to kapetanakis-center for a 5 year history of infertility. After physical exam, U/S work up and elevated tumor markers she underwent laparoscopy for ovarian cyst. Because she had a history of infertility and requested fertility preservation be considered in treatment decisions. We performed bilateral laparoscopic partial decortication of the ovaries preserving her ovaries and uterus. Shortly after she underwent IVF treatment and delivered a healthy baby @ 38weeks with no compications. @nd look during C/S showed no residual desease.


Fertility-preserving surgery should be an option for young women with borderline ovarian tumours who wish to retain fertility. Removing abnormal ovarian tissue may restore fertility. The laparoscopic approach is safe and feasible for these patients.

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