Pelvic and Intrauterine Adhesions


The abdominal cavity is covered internally by a layer called peritoneum and the internal organs are covered by the serous layer. Every tissue trauma or inflammation ( operations, peritonitis) or endometriosis can cause adhesions, which cause infertility.

Adhesions between the ovaries and tubes may cause defective fallopian tube movement, ovulation disorders or distort the normal salpingo-ovarian anatomy.

Also, uterine operations or uterine inflammation, may cause endometrial adhesions. The result is decrease or loss of menstrual flow, inability for embryo implantation and abortion.

How adhesions are diagnosed

History and clinical examination give information regarding adhesions.Apart from that, final diagnosis can be made by laparoscopy and hysteroscopy. With diagnostic laparoscopy, the form and extent of adhesions can be observed.

What treatment options may be recommended

Adhesiolysis is better performed by operative laparoscopy, according to microsurgery and by a skilled surgeon, in order to restore normal anatomic relationship and avoid the formation of more adhesions in the future.