Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive after one year of unprotected intercourse. It affects 15% of couples.

The number of couples seeking medical advice is increasingly rising over the past few years. Successful treatment depends on the exact diagnosis of the cause of infertility. Therefore, detailed history, physical examination and proper clinical and laboratory testingis required.

Fertility is affected by age, frequency of intercourse, total duration of unprotected intercourse, previous contraception methods (especially IUD- intrauterine device), environmental factors, tobacco, alcohol consumption and even intense stress.

Infertility is related to both male and female factors. International surveys have shown that 40% of cases are due to female factors, 40% to male factors and 20% of cases to combined factors. However, in 10% of cases, although all tests results are normal, infertility remains unexplained.

The Gynecologic Center for Reproductiοn and Genetics, is directed by world-renowed Dr.Emanuel Kapetanakis. Dr. Kapetanakis is a highly experienced gynecologist who specializes in gynecologic endocrinology, reproduction and endoscopic surgery, and has pioneered assisted reproduction methods in Greece.