Pregnancy Test

pregnancy_testA pregnancy test (b- hCG measurement) is performed fourteen days after embryo transfer. If the test is positive, an ultrasound scan will be performed once the b- hCG level rises above 1500mIU/ml, in order to identify the intrauterine pregnancy embryonic sac or sacs.

Occasionally, a positive pregnancy test is followed by a subsequent failure of the pregnancy to progress to an ultrasound confirmed pregnancy. This condition is called biochemical pregnancy. This event means that an egg became fertilized and early implantation took place but for some unknown reason did not progress.





Following IVF, there is a 15-20% risk of abortion and a 5% risk of ectopic pregnancy, as in normal pregnancies.

In case of IVF failure, an assessment and thorough analysis of the possible causes is performed. Within the next few days the couple attends a meeting with the scientific Director in which all the possible options are discussed in order to assure the best possible outcome in the next attempt.