Obstetric complications

Multiple pregnancy

Transfer of multiple embryos into the uterus, increases the risk of multiple gestation, which may lead to abortion, premature labor or other maternal complications. Blastocyst Culture and Transfer on Day 5 can reduce the number of embryos transferred and increase IVF success rates.

In the presence of multiple gestation, we recommend selective fetal reduction, in order to increase survival rates for the remaining embryos.

Ectopic Pregnancy

Despite the fact that embryos are transfered inside the uterus, sometimes they may move into the fallopian tube (ectopic pregnancy, 5% of cases), or worse, inside the cervix (cervical pregnancy). It is very important to diagnose ectopic pregnancy as soon as possible, to avoid further complications. Diagnosis is made with hormonal and ultrasound testing, which help us to estimate the location and viability of the embryos.