Natural Cycle IVF

Natural cycle IVF (NCIVF) involves collecting and fertilizing the one egg that is released during the normal monthly cycle, thus avoiding IVF stimulation drugs that are used for conventional IVF. Our center has been practicing this method for several years with excellent results.

NCIVF is indicated in women who produce only 1-2 follicles despite maximum ovarian stimulation or women that are high risk for developing ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome – a dangerous over-reaction to fertility drugs.

Also, NCIVF can be applied to women who prefer a more natural approach to IVF, thus avoiding IVF stimulation drugs.

NCIVF has many advantages, but also has several technical difficulties, which could lead to cancelation of a cycle. In order to minimize this risk, it’s important that the physician has the proper training and experience to properly guide and monitor the couple during their IVF trial. By capturing the dominant egg produced during each cycle in combination with the more natural environment of the uterus, NCIVF ensures high embryo implantation rates.