Success Rates for 2013

IVF Success Rate Data for 2013

Total Pregnancy RateTotal49,1150,0051,02
20-36 years old54,7259,0967,15
Clinical Pregnancy RateTotal41,0732,8936,73
20-36 years old49,0650,0057,14
Biochemical Pregnancy RateTotal8,0417,1912,24
20-36 years old5,669,094,00

We point out that:

  • The above rates, represent cases where IVF GIFT ICSI MESA TESA are used.
  • The above rates also include cases up to 49 years of age and in these cases, low success rates, have a negative impact on the overall rate.

Understanding Statistics

Pregnancy RateNumber of pregnancies per 100 therapeutic cycles, using IVF, GIFT, ICSI, MESA, TESA.
Clinical PregnancyUltrasound guided diagnosis of gestational sac inside the uterus.
Biochemical PregnancyPregnancy, without ultrasosographic sac diagnosis.