Dr. Vasilis KapetanakisDirector of Female Reproductive Surgery at Hygeia Hospital,  gives answers to concerns about Covid-19 and what couples who undergo infertility treatment should expect ιn an interview with Mr. Papadakis on Ant1. @ Kalimera Ellada

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Dr. Vasilis Kapetanakis, Director of Female Reproductive Surgery at Hygeia Hospital, was a guest speaker at the “2nd Women’s and Children Conference” that took place at Mitera Hospital in Athens on March 10-13th. His presentation concerned  “Female Reproductive Surgery”, which is a field where Dr. Kapetanakis has extensive experience and specialization for the management of female infertility.

The 2nd Conference on “Reproductive Surgery and Advanced Gynecological Endoscopic Surgery” organized by the Department of Endoscopic Surgery and Advanced Endoscopic Surgery

Dr Vasilis Kapetanakis was recently honored as the newly elected Vice President of the Board of Directors at Mitera Hospital.

Dr. Vasilis Kapetanakis was a guest speaker at the “4th Pan-Hellenic IVF Conference” that took place at the Hilton Hotel in Athens on February 20-22, 2020. (more…)

A large percentage of couples, after proper diagnosis and surgical treatment, will be able to conceive without undergoing hormone IVF treatment.

Learn about the important contribution of Reproductive Surgery for the treatment of infertility.


Dream comes true

Dream comes true: She became pregnant with a fertility preserving novel technique of laparoscopic borderline ovarian tumor removal! Our medical team faced a very interesting and very rare medical event with a happy ending!


We are pleased to announce the establishment in one of the largest therapeutic centers in Greece, Hygeia Health group of the specialized Center for Advanced Endoscopic Surgery (Laparoscopic, Robotic and Hysteroscopic), under the direction of Dr. Vasilios Kapetanakis.

Dr. Emmanuel Kapetanakis, through his enormous contribution and having been a world leader in the field of Human Reproduction and Infertility, as well as Laparoscopic Surgery, had the great honor to be awarded with the “His Majesty the Greek Immigrant” award. (more…)

Dr. Emmanuel Kapetanakis was awarded on Mothers Day by the Union of women associations Heraklion-Crete for his great contribution in the field of infertikity.


The 3rd PanHellenic In Vitro Fertilization Conference which was held at the HILTON Hotel was successfully completed where  Dr Vasileios Kapetanakis as a guest speaker presented his experience on “The Importance of Separating Abnormal Embryos by PGD / PGS in Women with Repeated Miscarriages”

Dr. Vasileios Kapetanakis was an invited speaker during the «Advanced Course in Gynecologic Laparoscopy» which was held at Iaso Maternity Hospital in conjunction with ELPEN research center, where he presented the newest laparoscopic techniques in removing uterine fibroids.

We are proud to announce that we have recently renovated our IVF lab with cutting edge technology reassuring the highest pregnancy rates.

30.000 babies and still counting! (more…)

The first robotic gynecologic case in Greece using the 4th generation Robotic system was performed at Metropolitan hospital… See more

Emanuel Kapetanakis, the guardian angel of fertility – A very interesting article from the renowned journalist M. Dimellas at HuffPost… see more

Kapetanakis Center pioneers by offering the exact copy of your unborn baby!

With the help of state-of-the-art last generation General Electric ultrasound and using a three-dimensional printer, we were able to convert the unborn baby’s 3D ultrasounds into three-dimensional, plastic copies… see more

Dr. Vasilis Kapetanakis successfully passed the annual written recertification exam of the American Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology (US Board Maintenance of Certification Secure Written Examination).

These tests are conducted mandatory for all certified Gynecologists and Obstetricians of America and include questions of the most recent developments of Obstetrics / Gynecology.
Dr. Kapetanakis always remains aware of the latest medical developments constantly maintaining the highest professional standards of the American Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Our IVF laboratory fulfilled all conditions for obtaining accreditation by the currently highest ISO standards.

Dr. Vasilis Kapetanakis having specialized in laparoscopic surgery at the world-renowned Mayo Clinic hospital is an invited speaker at IASO Group Scientific Events Program where he cites his experience and presents the latest data in treating ovarian cysts and pelvic masses.

Dr. Vasilis Kapetanakis speaks at ALPHA channel about all the amazing things a baby does in the womb of their mother and how they are illustrated with the help of three-dimensional ultrasound!

Watch Dr. Kapetanakis lecture about the latest developments on the very interesting and challenging topic of “1st trimester Recurrent Pregnancy Loss” that was held at the IASO Group Scientific Events Program.

Dr. Basil Kapetanakis is guest speaker at the IASO Group Scientific Events Program which will take place in the auditorium Friday, June 5th, 2015 at 12:30pm. Dr. Kapetanakis will present the latest developments on the very interesting and challenging topic of “1st trimester Recurrent Pregnancy Loss”.

Dr. Vasilis Kapetanakis has satisfactorily completed the 2014 Maintenance of Certification assignments (US Board Recertification) for the sixth consecutive year, keeping him up-to-date with all the new advancements in his field.

Dr Vasilis Kapetanakis speaks at Mega Channel for the indications and advantages of Robotic Surgery in the treatment of gynecological problems.