Sperm Collection and Preparation

sperm_collectionAfter oocyte collection has been completed sperm sample is obtained from the partner.

Ideally sperm collection is performed at our center. If it’s collected at home, the sample has to be delivered to the IVF clinic within half an hour.

In case your partner’s is unavailable on the day of retrieval, occasionally the case for out-of-state or international patients, previously frozen sperm will be thawed and used.

In some special cases such as obstructive retrograde ejaculation, or inability to ejaculate, sperm can be collected surgically by a specialized urologist. Sperm is collected by testicular paracentisis or biopsy. When possible sperm is frozen so that no repeat procedure will be needed in future IVF cycles.

Prior to sperm collection, abstinence of not less or more than 2- 3 days is required.

Sperm is collected in a labeled sterile specimen cup, and is examined in the laboratory, where volume, sperm count, sperm motility and morphology are assessed. The sperm sample is then processed by density gradient washing techniques. This process allows us to collect the most viable sperm to be used for insemination, ICSI or freezing.